How our Air Purification Technology works

At Purify, we use the latest patented technology that was developed by former NASA engineers to completely and safely remove most airborne toxins and 99.998% of airborne and surface dwelling pathogens (Viruses, Bacteria, Mold) from your home or workplace.

The Triatomic Oxygen Vibration System is the ultimate air sanitation process. The system works by vibrating the oxygen molecule apart into separate atoms, essentially breaking them apart. The machines also contain a large array of germicidal UV-C lamps that provide an extended exposure time to completely disinfect the client's space. It takes our machines about 4-6 hours to be effective on killing mold spores in the air, and 24-48 hours to completely eliminate unwanted odors, pests, and any remaining hard to reach pathogens.

As soon as the machines are turned off and outside air is introduced into the space, the oxygen molecules immediately start coming back together, and fresh, clean oxygen quickly returns into the environment. What remains after treatment is a SUPER-CLEAN smell that has been described as something similar to the smell of air after a large thunderstorm.

Basically, our machines seek out oxygen inside the structure and devour it at 32 cubic feet per minute. Once all of the air in each room has been gobbled up, they begin to pull oxygen in from the HVAC ducts and system, electrical outlets, baseboards, inside the walls and any other crevice where oxygen may be present. This process is 100% safe and organic and leaves nothing toxic behind -- all while killing bacteria, viruses, mold, bugs, etc. that have set up shop in the HVAC system, inside walls, cabinets, clothing, bedding, furniture, electronics, carpets, closets, plants, food, dishwashers, drains and more!

Don't forget that the air you breath is FIVE times more important to your overall wellbeing than the food that you eat!

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