Schools and Daycare Services

Children love to share...but as they pass around their toys, they pass around their germs as well! Until now, it has been virtually impossible to completely disinfect childcare toys and facilities in a way that safely and effectively eradicates airborne and surface dwelling pathogens.

The immune systems in young children are still developing, which leaves them especially susceptible to many different types of germs that would be most likely harmless to a fully-developed immune system. By fully eradicating pathogens in the classroom or daycare environment, our air purification service can substantially cut down on illnesses passed around from child to child by up to 75-80%.

Purify's technology neutralizes odors and contaminants from spills, potty-training accidents, blood/bodily fluids, and other bio-related areas of concern. Most treatments can be done within 24-48 hours (over a weeeknd), without any business or classroom interruption. Last but not least, the treatment leaves no toxic chemical residues behind and is absolutely safe and organic.

Some added benefits of our purification service:

  • Organically disinfect and santize every exposed surface, crack and crevice within the building, including toys and furniture.
  • Treat harmful mold and bacterial growth caused by water damage
  • Drive out unwanted pests and rodents
  • Eliminate the spread of MRSA and other highly dangerous and contagious diseases.

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