A little bit about us...

My wife Jillian and I formed Purify out of a need to create a business of our own that brought joy to both of our lives - by helping others find truth and to heal. We both arrived at this point in our lives by facing multiple health challenges and realizing that there is a better way outside of the 'mainstream' when it comes to many things in life - especially when it applies to health and wellness.

While several of these health challenges have been difficult to overcome over the years, we both have learned so much and have become much stronger and better people because of them. Now that we have climbed the mountain, so to speak, we want to share all that we have learned and gained on our ongoing journey with those who are ready to find a better way.

One of those challenges has of course been dealing with poor indoor air quality, and finding out that it is has been the major cause behind a lifelong battle with asthma, allergies, and severe sinus issues for myself. After battling the sinus problem for longer than I can remember, going through TWO major sinus surgeries in 7 years, countless medications and corticosteroids, I found an excellent doctor who dedicates his life to healing people for good, instead of writing prescriptions to treat symptoms. If it were not for him and the knowledge that he passed along to me, none of this would have ever been possible and I would still be suffering tremendously with severe never-ending chronic sinusitis.

The good Doc shared with me that indoor air quality and mold are responsible for a massive number of illnesses and chronic health issues..and he was 100% right. After following his treatment plan, getting my environment cleaned up at home, and being much more cognizant about air quality and its importance, I can honestly say that I feel better now than I can ever remember feeling in my life.

During this whole experience of having mold issues and having to deal with them, we have learned how tremendously expensive it can be to properly clean up mold inside a home and how so few remediation companies use non-toxic methods to do the work. That leads me into the other major issue of remediation -- the toxicity of the chemicals used to kill the mold can be just as bad for health as the mold itself!

With Purify, we offer a non-toxic alternative to traditional remediation and tear-out methods, which gives us the opportunity to potentially save our customers thousands of dollars in remediation clean-up and repair costs. By killing all of the mold in the air, clothing, linens, carpets, surfaces, and even behind the walls throughout the home or office, we can effectively eliminate the harmful spores and mycotoxins that are the major threat to your health.

Give us a call and any time, we would love to help you Purify your space!

To Your Health,

Jeremy Florence, Co-Founder