Purify Commercial Services

A Healthy Work Environment Improves Productivity!

A Well-Being Index study was recently done by Gallup in which 94,000 employees across 14 major occupations in the U.S. were surveyed regarding chronic illness and absenteeism. It was found that the amount of sick days missed by employees equates to roughly $84 billion in lost productivity across the board.

Additionally, employees who are more frequently ill tend to have lower morale, and this can spread throughout an organization and start to negatively affect the employees that are there every day. Unfortunately many of these chronic conditions can be tracked back to environmental causes, whether at work or elsewhere.

It is estimated that mold and other SBS-related toxins are found in 40-50% of office buildings across America. The good news is that Purify can help alleviate many of these air quality issues with our patented system!

Our patented technology will allow us to do the following:

  • Neutralize odors and contaminants - This includes musty smells, cigarette smoke, mold infestation, viruses, bacteria, and many toxic chemicals.
  • Organically disinfect your space, including behind the walls.
  • Drive out pests and rodents without chemicals.
  • Completely sanitize and restore indoor air quality including the HVAC system, furnishings, and all exposed surfaces.

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